5 Jun 2013

Chapter 6 -- On the Conflict Between Pastors and Prophets

Submitted by John T Reagan

Each of the fivefold gifts carries with it a God-given personality and perspective unique to its nature.  Far too often pastors and prophets find themselves conflicting because their God-given constructions contrast and rub each other the wrong way.  Chapter 6 addresses this conflict and presents advice to both pastors and prophets on dealing with these issues.   

1. Both pastor and prophet enjoy unique anointings from the Holy Spirit that enable them to do the work God has assigned them.  How do those anointings differ?

2. Is a pastor obligated to follow the advice of a prophet?

3. Write a short paragraph describing the proper use of an apostle’s authority in the church.  Is his authority absolute?  Now, write a similar paragraph for the offices of pastor and prophet.

4. By what two criteria do we judge a prophet’s words?

5. Has God provided a “forest glade” in your life that has become a source of grace to you?  Write a paragraph describing it.

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