4 Apr 2013

Here's the review that will go on the book's back cover

Submitted by John T Reagan

Prophets seem to be popping up everywhere!  This is to be expected, since as we near the time of Jesus’ second coming, He is restoring to the church ministries that seemed to disappear only a few short centuries after the church began.  In recent years this restoration has been especially true of the office of the prophet.  Do you know people who seem to be gifted in the prophetic ministry?  What makes them tick?  Why do they sometimes misbehave in the church?  Especially concerning, is that they sometimes conflict with pastors!  Somehow, two ministries that God intended to complement each other are instead at odds.  That is not a good thing!  Understanding the Prophetic Nature takes a look at the spiritual foundations from which the prophetically gifted person operates, explores the prophet’s basic nature, delves into his special relationship with God, and seeks to bridge the divide that far too often stands between the pastor and the prophet.  In the process, this book covers enriching topics such as the charismatic and motivational gifts of the Spirit as well as the fivefold ministry gifts and how they operate in the church.  Giving glory to God throughout the text, using creative examples, endearing stories and relevant scriptures, the author connects the various themes of the book, creating an unforgettable read.