4 Oct 2014

A Newsletter Worth Reading

Submitted by John T Reagan

Rodney Lensch was a significant leader during the Charismatic Renewal.  Personally, I have been significantly influenced over the years by his clear and theologically accurate teachings.  His ministry is called Rod & Staff Ministies and he continues to speak prophetically to the church via a quarterly newsletter called Rod & Staff.  I just read this fall's issue and would like to share a PDF copy of it with you.  (Rodney specifically states in each newsletter that it is okay to copy and share it.)  I have been quite dismayed at the state the church is in these days and I sorely needed the encouragement Rodney speaks in this fall's issue.

Here is a link:    Rodney Lensch -- The Perpetual Promise of Pentecost -- Fall 2014 

I hope it encourages you as much as it did me.