9 Jul 2017

Poor dead Eutychus!

Submitted by John T Reagan

Painting of dead Eutychus from Acts 20You may recall the story of Eutychus, the young man who fell asleep while listening to Paul preach.  He fell out of a window, died and was raised from the dead by Paul.  (If not you can read it in Acts 20:7-11.)  I have a lot of notes on the book of Acts and I've been working to transfer them into the Bible software and reference system I use (Logos -- find it at Logos.com).  My hope is that these notes will eventually serve as the foundation for a commentary.  Anyway, I ran across this note this morning while working on that project and thought you might get a kick out of it!  Here it is:

they were not a little comforted – There are some good lessons in this episode: 

  1. Droning preachers are deadly!  (Yet it was worth the late night and the drone to hear Paul teach!)
  2. Don’t fall asleep in church – you might wake up dead!  (At the very least choose a safe place to sack out.) 
  3. If you die in church, God will wake you up! 
  4. God’s mercy covers a multitude of sins – even sleeping in church.  Notice how He was merciful to the church in Troas by raising this young man from the dead.

If you want to read more of my notes from my Bible study over the years you can go here.  I do try to update those files occasionally and they are available for anyone to read.  Keep in mind that most of these (especially if they are marked in red) are in rough draft -- sometimes very rough draft.  I tend to take my notes by dictating them into the software and speech to text apps usually don't get it right.  Those that I've edited are marked in blue.

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