13 Dec 2017

The Rock of Revelation

Submitted by John T Reagan

Man writing scriptureDuring my quiet time this morning I was reading in Matthew 16.  Here is the note I wrote on verses 16-18:

You are the Christ...flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but My Father who is in heaven...upon this rock I will build My church – Vss. 16-18.  Peter's rough and impetuous nature did not prevent him from hearing from God and then speaking that truth with courage.  I love it that Peter received revelation from God and didn't even know it until Jesus told him where his conviction – that Jesus was the Messiah – came from.  Jesus then took opportunity to teach the disciples just how important revelation from God is.  The entire Christian religion is based on it.  Peter later talks about that truth in 2 Peter 1:20,21, expanding it to include all of scripture.  The church of God is built on the bedrock foundation of revelation.  Revelation happens when the Holy Spirit drops truth and guidance into our hearts and minds.  The whole of scripture is based on revelation that was given to the various writers, thus turning the Bible into God's direct message to us.  The Christian life is to be lived by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  We are to "walk in the Spirit" (Gal 5:16).  We are to be "filled with the Spirit" (Eph 5:18).  We are to seek and receive the Baptisim of the Spirit (Matt 3:11; Acts 1:4,5; Acts 2:1-4).  Throughout the New Testament we are told to rely on the Spirit and the revelation He gives us in every aspect of our lives and witness.  Revelation has indeed become the rock upon which Christ built the church.