22 Jul 2017

Water's Edge by Robert Whitlow

Submitted by John T Reagan

Book Cover Waters Edge by Robert WhitlowHere is a review of a book I just read. 

I very much enjoyed this book. Written from the perspective of a young lawyer unknowingly caught in a net of deceit, the author spins a good story that keeps God in the forefront without being preachy or religious. I like that. There is a little romance, but it is low key (and clean) and doesn't hijack the story. The book is fairly well written, but -- and here is the reason for 4-stars instead of 5 -- I did find myself wishing for better character development and a deeper, more involved plot evolution. I found myself wondering why the author restrained himself to the perspective of only one character. There was plenty of opportunity to switch point of view through the course of the story to fill out the plot, further develop the characters and enrich the story line. All that said, this is still a well-written book that far outshines most Christian fiction.  I highly recommend it.