Acts Commentary

For several years I have been working on a commentary on the book of Acts.  It started when I was doing some intense Bible study with a man in my congregation who desperately needed to be immersed in the Word of God.  My hope was that this kind of intense study would help him conquer the very deep and difficult problems that were keeping him from victory.  It did help him, but it helped me more.  I found that I was immersed myself.  The Spirit of God spoke volumes to me during that time and page after page of notes was the result as He opened up the scriptures to me.  It was awesome!  So, I began trying to put my notes in a form that I could share with others.  That is still an ongoing process and you get to sample the first results.  More chapters will be added (and updates uploaded) as I get them formatted.  The files below are in study bible format using the New King James Version.  Thomas Nelson Publishers was very gracious to give me permission to use it in this fashion.  I hope you enjoy it and that the Lord uses it to speak truth to your heart as He did to mine.