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Whenever I put together a teaching I have two goals.  First, of course, is that my listeners will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and through that find their relationship with God growing as well.  If that happens for us when we listen to good, Spirit-led teaching, we will find the turmoil of our lives calming down and sins that have become embedded in our basic nature will begin to come loose, setting us free.  Second, I try to issue a challenge in the hope that every person listening will, in some way apply the teaching to his or her life.

Living Water
   This sermon speaks to the heart and soul of the Christian's interface with the world -- we offer Living Water to the lost.

Walking in the Spirit -- Part 1
Walking in the Spirit -- Part 2
    Paul tells us in Galations 5:16 that if we want to stop living and doing "deeds of the flesh" we should "walk in the spirit".  But, how do we do that? 

 Crisis! Speak to The Rock
    Moses screwed up!  Bigtime!  He messed up God's lesson.  God deliberately brought the Israelis to crisis and.......well, no point in spoiling the sermon for you.  Listen on.  This sermon is foundational to a series of sermons on dealing with crisis in our lives.  We all go from one crisis to another -- here's help for how to deal with it.

Crisis! But If Not!
   Sometimes dealing with crisis involves taking stock of the worst case scenario.  This is a PDF of another sermon from my crisis series.  If I ever find the tape of that sermon I'll post it here.  In the meantime, read on...!