Understanding the Prophetic Nature

   At the end of each chapter in Understanding the Prophetic Nature are some questions/discussion points that I have called Points to Ponder. These items have two purposes: First, to pull the most important topics covered in the chapter to the forefront of the reader's mind and, second, to encourage the reader to think more deeply about those topics. I would like my readers to consider how the things I say in this book apply or can be applied to their daily lives and their walk with God. If a particular "Ponder Point" impacts you, you may, using the Points to Ponder menu on this page, share those thoughts with the rest of us. Each discussion point is listed by chapter in blog post format. To share your thoughts, use the comments link below each post. (We use a service called Discus.com to provide security for comment posts and keep spammers/bots out. You may have to register with them in order to post.) Controversy is okay, just don't rant. Please keep your words friendly. :>)

   I want to say thank you for sharing. In no way does this book cover the full breadth of how the prophetic nature operates. In no way do I have the last word and know all there is to know about the themes I covered in the book. Every Christian hears from the Holy Spirit and I have no doubt that my readers have many good things to share. God bless you all!