3 Jul 2013

Almost Printed!!!

Submitted by John T Reagan

In publication-ese a "galley proof" is the manuscript of a book that has been formatted to look exactly like the final printed form of the book.  Two weeks ago I received the galley proof of Understanding the Prophetic Nature from the publisher, reviewed it and sent it back with some suggested changes.  The publisher made the changes and sent it to me again for my approval.  Since it looked good, I readily approved it and it is now on it's way to the printer.  They won't print a lot of copies that have to be kept in inventory, since this will be a "print on demand" sort of thing.  When orders come in, they will be printed.  At least that's how I think it will work.

Can't wait to hold it in my hands!!

Once we have printed copies we can set up book signings and start working at marketing.  I expect that will all be a big learning experience.